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We are a leading global investor, in the secondary private equity market. We have nearly 20 dedicated secondary investment professionals located in Singapore, which leverages Financial FF global presence. We believe our long-standing platform translates into a distinct understanding of the dynamic secondary market.

To sellers and general partners, Financial FF Strategic Partners is viewed as a trustworthy and well-respected counterpart. Since our inception, we have raised over $4 billion of capital commitments and acquired over 1,800 limited partnership interests. We pride ourselves in providing solutions on a fair, timely and confidential basis

This is achieved by utilizing our extensive network of global relationships and focusing on a detailed, bottom-up analysis of the underlying assets. We believe our market position and proprietary investment database reinforce our reputation as a nimble and knowledgeable investor.

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We ensure our entire team is highly skilled in their respective fields, so that our clients and investors have the confidence that they are working with world-class professionals.

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Hong Kong Address: Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

Singapore Address: Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Rd, Singapore, 068912

194 Bahnhofstrasse 31 Zurich Switzerland

Michael Friedman: International Banking

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Telephone: +1 347 973 7902

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